Pasta Dishes Menu

Spaghetti al Ragu` £7.95 

With tomato, herbs & mince meat sauce.

Rigatoni alle Melanzane(V) £8.95 

With tomato, garlic, basil and aubergine.

Penne Romana £8.95 

With tomato, onion, pancetta and chilli.

Gnocchi al Gorgonzola ed Asparagi (V) £8.95 

Potato dumplings with asparagus, blue cheese & parmesan.

Lasagna Bolognese £8.95

Baked pasta in a beef, tomato and béchamel sauce.

Risotto Marinara or Spaghetti £9.95 

With fresh tomato, garlic, squid, mussels, clams & prawns.

Linguine alle Vongole £9.95 

With clams, garlic, chopped tomato, white wine, parsley & olive oil.

Ravioli al Salmone £9.95 

Filled pasta with smoked salmon, cream, tomato, brandy and chive sauce.

Pappardelle Tartufate (V) £9.50 

Flat egg pasta with mushrooms, cream & truffle paste.

Spaghetti all` Aragosta * £16.95 

Spaghetti with half lobster in a fresh tomato, garlic, basil and olive oil sauce

* not available as a starter

N.B All Pastas are available as a Starter minus £2.00